Route of the hills

Type: MTB

 Difficulty: Medium

 Total route: 22,900 km.

 Departure and arrival point: San Antolín

 They deserve a stop:

 San Salvador de Talavera

 Saint Mary of Rubinat

 Santiago de Pallerols


the hill route receives its name from the small elevations caused by erosion, which stand out in the plains that extend between the river basins of the Ondara River, the Torrent Salado and Montpalau.  Forest stains among the large crops characterize this route, in which you can also observe the remains of the ancient exploitation of magnesium-rich waters in Rubinat.

 This route is a good opportunity to get an idea of ​​the diversity of the Segarra heritage, with strong houses, Romanesque churches, medieval dovecotes and remains of ancient castles.

 Among the most notable heritage elements is the church of San Salvador the Talavera and Santa María the Rubinat

En El Forn te ofrecemos una estancia inolvidable