Route of the Pleta

Pleta Route

 Type: Trail

 Difficulty: Low

 Distance: 12,890 km

 Departure and arrival point: Pallargues

 They deserve a stop:

 Pallargues Castle

 Florejacs Castle



 This route runs between the old cores of Florejacs and Las Pallargues, presided over by manor houses.  Its name comes from the rural stone constructions, to save the cattle that constitute one of the most genuine manifestations of the Segarra popular architecture.

 The path passes through the side of some of the most notable examples, which contrast sharply with other elements of the heritage of the region such as the castle of Florejacs and that of Pallargues.

 The Pleta Route passes through a relief of planes, isolated hills and wide depressions inclined towards the Sió River, where barley, wheat and oats are grown.

En El Forn te ofrecemos una estancia inolvidable