Route of the Romans

Type: Trail

 Difficulty: Low

 Distance: 12,370 km

 Departure and arrival point: Guissona

 They deserve a stop:


 Archaeological Park of Iesso

 The towns of Bellveí and Torrefeta


 The Roman city of Iesso, was founded around 100 BC and its era of splendor was the 2nd – 3rd century AD.  After the feudal conquest of the eleventh century, the city became Guissona, which was and remains one of the main towns of the Segarra.

 The route passes through Bellveí and Torrefeta where we find the baroque or classicist churches of Santiago de Bellveí and San Amanç de Torrefeta.

 The Route of the Romans runs between the plain of Guissona, a true sub-region extended between the Llobregós and Sió basins.  The terrain, somewhat more undulating in the southern sector of the route, where the hollow of Torrefeta and Bellveí is located, is rich in cereal crops, among which we can see the dry stone walls that formerly allowed the use of rainwater.

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