Route of the Two Valleys

Type: MTB

Difficulty: Low

Total route: 23.4 km.

Starting and finishing point: Sant Guim de Freixenet

They deserve a stop:

Sant Guim de Freixenet

Sant Julià de Estaràs

Santa Maria de Gàver

Sources of Sió in Gàver

Montfalcó Murallat


Among the valleys of l’Sió i de l’Freixenet there are two main elements of the Segarra heritage: the Celler Cooperatiu de Sant Guim de Freixenet and Montfalcó Murallat. El Celler is a work by Cèsar Martinell that shows Gaudinian d’arrel elements and that is related to the agrarian development programs companies by the Mancomunitat de Catalunya (1920)

Després de passar prop of the great baroque church of Sant Guim de la Rabassa, the stately home of Gothic origin d’Estaràs and, above all, the church of Sant Julià, with the Romanesque walls and the sepultures with the arms of Villalonga, It is Montfalcó Murallat troba.

The Ruta de les Dues Valls starts in the slopes that from the foothills of l’Tossal Magre (781 m) walk the cyclist cap a la vall de Freixenet i, a l’N d’el Recorregut, runs the elevation plans that separate the valleys from l’Sió and l’Ondara, through a genuine Segarra landscape where l’ordi, el blat and els ametllers abound.

The spring landscape of La Segarra was described, on the waves of the sea d’ordi the extraordinarily special fan.


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