Routes of the Holy Doubt of Ivorra (trail)

Routes of Santa Duda d’Ivorra

 Routes of the Holy Doubt of Ivorra

 Three itineraries along roads marked with the Millennium logo from different points of the region to the Sanctuary of Santa Duda de Ivorra.

 1. San Ramón Route.  From the Sanctuary of San Ramón Nonato to that of Santa Duda.

 2. San Ermengol Route.  Guissona was right on the border of the primitive Catalonia a thousand years ago.  The route follows the itinerary that San Ermengol predictably made to go from Guissona in Ivorra.

 3. Mossèn Bernat Route.  Mn.  Bernat Oliver was the son of Aguda de Torà.  This itinerary is dedicated to that priest of Ivorra who doubted and witnessed the miracle.  The route partly follows the GR del Llob

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