The Route of Cercavins

Cercavins Route

 Type: Trail

 Difficulty: Low

 Distance: 12,720 km

 Departure and arrival point: Montornès de Segarra

 They deserve a stop:

 Old Town of Montornès de Segarra

 Almond cylindrical tower

 L’Ametlla de Segarra


 The Cercavins River is born on the coasts of the Sierra de Suró (790 m) and runs through the terms of Montoliu de Segarra and Montornès de Segarra, through which this Route runs.  It is a fairly flat territory where forest areas alternate with cereal, almond and olive crops;  There is also a vineyard, which formerly cultivated parts of the Segarra and that today has practically disappeared outside this sector of the region.

 The Cercavins Route also allows to know the heritage of the Segarra.  In Montornès there are houses with portals adintelados in the old town and the old schools and the modernist cemetery;  and in the Ametlla a cylindrical tower (year 1077) and the Romanesque church of San Pedro.

En El Forn te ofrecemos una estancia inolvidable