The Route of Santiago’s road

Santiago’s Road in the region of the Segarra

 The Santiago’s road enters the region of the Segarra through the 725m high Panadella port, this port separates the Segarra from the Anoia.  It runs through the valley of the Ondara river that covers, from east to west, the municipalities Segarra the Talavera, Ribera d’Ondara, Cervera and Granyanella until entering the neighboring region of Urgell.  The total route of this section is 23 km.

 The itinerary goes through landscapes of great chromatic beauty that changes according to the season of the year and with various manifestations of popular architecture such as margin walls and stone huts.

The Segarra is a land of castles and in this section of the Santiago’s Road we can admire some specimens such as the Curullada Castle, Fonolleres Castle and the remains of the Saportella Tower.

 The most emblematic points of the route, however, are the church of Santiago de Pallerols (12th century) and the city of Cervera.  To Pallerols pilgrims can seal the credential.  It is also in this place where an annual pilgrim meeting is held.  The Romanesque church of La Mora is also dedicated to Santiago.

 Some specimens of the Cervera heritage refer to the Santiago´s road such as the pilgrims’ cloister located in the Berenguer de Castelltort hospital (current Mother Güell geriatric residence) or the stained glass windows of the parish church of Santa María.


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