Route of the Castells of the Doll

Castells of the Doll Route

 Tipus: MTB

 Difficulty: Baixa

 Total recorregut: 26,500 km

 Starting point and arrival: Guissona

 Mereixen one stop:


 Castell de Florejacs

 Castell de les Sitges


 The Route of the  Castells of the Doll is located between the Plana of Guissona and els repleus of planells, tossals aïllats and amples depressions that only cover the rio Sió and the vila d’Agramunt corresponding to l´antic terme de Florejacs.

 After visiting the Church of Santa Maria de Guissona, consecrated l’any 1099 and rebuilding the segle XVIII in neoclassical style, the Plaça Major porticada els carrers enllosats del nucli antic, the sorted mill of Guissona is through the Portal de l  ‘Àngel, the most important dels vestigis de l’antiga medieval wall of la vila.

 The two most outstanding elements of this route are the castells of Florejacs and Les Sitges.

 From tornado to Guissona, the Passa prop route of l’obra de Fluvià, mig castell and mig palau, which had to be the residence of bisbe d’Urgell Pere de Cardona.  The treballs, però, are going to attack the 16th segle.

 Cal remember that the Terme de Torrefeta and Florejacs posseeix 5.88 ha of the PEIN of the Vall del Llobregós, one of the most important areas of the Catalan Central Depression.

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