The Route of the Monastery

Monastery Route

 Type: MTB

 Difficulty: Medium

 Total route: 30,000 km

 Departure and arrival point: San Ramón

 They deserve a stop: San Ramón




 The Route of the Monastery is named after the monastery of Sant Ramon de Portell, the starting point and arrival point of a tour that allows to appreciate the orographic diversity of the center of the region, on horseback from the basins of Sió and Llobregós, from the  high plateaus with gentle slopes of the San Ramón plan to the Ivorra valley, the plain of Sant Guim, the ravine of grief or the headlands of the surroundings of the Manresana.  Near San Ramón, in one of the most dryland areas of the region, we can see the spun characteristics of stone, or cams, traditionally used for construction.

 The route goes through two castles of very different history.  On the one hand, Vicfred, former stately fortress house of the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries enabled as a visitable castle;  on the other, the fortress of Castellmeià, robust and majestic with its two circular towers, of medieval origin and renovated in Renaissance style in the 16th century.

En El Forn te ofrecemos una estancia inolvidable