The Route of Vallferosa

Vallferosa Route

 Type: MTB

 Difficulty: Medium

 Total route: 25,900 km.

 Departure and arrival point: Torah

 They deserve a stop:

 Torà Old Town

 Vallferosa Tower


 The Route of the Tower of Vallferosa runs through the north of the Segarra, between Torá and Vallferosa.  In this place is one of the most rugged landscapes of the region, dry and with broken reliefs that hinder crops and test the legs of cyclists.  In addition, a rich heritage reminds us that this region was towards the year 1000, the most advanced territory of the border between the feudal and al-Andalus.

 Torah is the main population.  Its old town, semicircular plan around the church of San Gil, corresponds to a medieval settlement, to which a suburb was added in the 16th century.

 Through the bridge of the merits of Torah you can reach the tower of the castle of Vallferosa impressive example of the border fortifications of the X – XI centuries.

 Between Vallferosa and Torah you pass through the Sanctuary of La Aguda, a Romanesque building from the 11th to 12th century, which has been very renovated, and the remains of the medieval castle of the same name.

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