Walled Montfalcó town

The walled town of Montfalcó is located on the top of a hill above the Vergós stream and the Sió river, within the population entity added to the municipality of Les Oluges in La Segarra in Lleida.

The castle of Montfalcó is located within the walled city of Montfalcó and was possibly built in the mid-eleventh century, when the area of ​​the confluence of the Vergós with the Sió was conquered and repopulated, by Count Bernatde Berga, who integrated the castle to The Cerdanya County brand.

The fortress of Montfalcó was highly appreciated, both for Christians and for the Saracens, being used in defense during the wars with Pedro I of Castile.

This is an exceptional example of a closed villa, its perimeter is completely surrounded by a wall about 8 meters high and 1 meter wide, built on the natural limestone basement of the hill and that is preserved in quite good condition, which by the interior part is attached many of the constructions of the villa. The villa has a single access door, which is double and with arches, to the east of the central square is the cistern that stores water. The arcaded part of the northwest is the one with the most architectural interest.

The wall is visible only outside the enclosure, and is formed by rectangular ashlars joined with lime mortar that occasionally leave a space for scaffolding, alternating with square ashlars.

The dating is not very clear but considering the surface, it seems possible that the construction can be located at an advanced time of the middle ages and not in the origins of the inhabited nucleus just after the Christian conquest.


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